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In order to better promote our purpose and encourage as many people to participate in our activities as possible, we are seeking generous assistance from supporting members.

As our supporting member,you will receive the following services…

  • You will be receiving a monthly newsletter “International Plaza News”
  • You will be receiving a biannual magazine “South Wind”
  • You will be receiving prior announcements and entitled for priority registration for events organized by the MIF.
  • You will get discounts for participation fees on various lectures organized by the MIF.
  • For corporate sponsors, corporate links will appear on the MIF website.

Membership fees (Annual)

Individual Member2000 yen
Organization Member10000 yen

Supporting Member Application Form Download

Download the file, fill in the form, and send to

  • For the Word file: click “Download in Word, ” select “Save” and save.
  • For the PDF file: right-click “Download PDF file” and select “Save as.” Save.

Supporting Member Application Form

A Request for Donations

As of April 1st 2018, the Miyazaki International Foundation is accepting donations to help us achieve our goals of internationalization and revitalization of the local community here in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Individuals or organizations who donate can receive tax benefits. There are two types of donations: “General donations,” the use of which is unspecified, and “specific donations,” for a specified use.

We hope for your kind cooperation and support.
For more details, please contact the address below:

Contact Information:
Miyazaki International Foundation TEL 0985-32-8457