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Studying Japanese Online

“Connect and Enhance Your Life in Japanese,” from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

This site teaches some useful Japanese phrases for use in daily life.

You can enjoy studying by watching videos.

The course has 3 levels:

Level 1: Japanese phrases commonly used in daily life
    e.g. ”Going to a restaurant”

Level 2: Japanese phrases that are useful to know
    e.g. ”Going to a hospital”

Level 3: Japanese phrases that are interesting to learn
    e.g. ”Disaster and Emergency”

The site is available in 14 languages:
※For further information, please click the name of the language below:



Irodori is an online Japanese-language coursebook that teaches basic Japanese, useful for daily life in Japan.

You can download the textbook and audio files from this link.

TOP | いろどり 生活の日本語 (

TOP | IRODORI Japanese for Life in Japan (

The coursebook and audio files are available free of charge.

These resources are aimed at beginners.

There is also an online course based on Irodori.

You can enjoy learning Japanese using pictures and videos.

The online course is available in Japanese or English.

It is also free of charge.

IRODORI online course (

JF Japanese e-Learning “Minato”

You can study Japanese online through Minato, a website hosted by the Japan Foundation.

There are some self-study courses where you study by yourself using a book, and some courses taught by tutors.

The self-study courses are free of charge.

There are various courses, such as hiragana and katakana, grammar, and Japanese from anime and manga.

This site is available in 7 languages:

For more information, please click the icon below:

Japanese Learning Materials from the Japan Foundation

Besides operating the Japanese e-learning website “JF Japanese e-learning Minato,” the Japan Foundation also offer a lot of convenient materials for learning Japanese.

Click the link below to access the Japan Foundation website, and feel free to use the learning materials on offer. If you know anyone who is studying Japanese, be sure to let them know about this site!


Please click the link below to access the website.

 Japanese Learning Materials from the Japan Foundation