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Message Forum

MIF Message Board for sharing information on international exchange & international cooperation

From JULY 1st 2013, the way to post on our Message Board changed.



USER: Register/Login
USER: Directly make a post to the message board

USER: Send the information to the Miyazaki International Foundation (MIF)
MIF: MIF will verify its contents
MIF: MIF will upload the post to the Message Board

Please use the button below to send us your posts.
*MIF will decide which posts to be uploaded. However, MIF will not be responsible for any communications made between the poster and relative parties.


Former User-IDs and Passwords

Due to the changes mentioned above, former User IDs & passwords became invalid.
We will delete all personal information (E-mail addresses, user names, passwords etc.) used for Message Board registration previously.

The content of posts should be limited to the following categories:

  • International Exchange (Ex. Notice for a salsa dance party)
  • International Cooperation (Ex. Announcement for a study tour briefing session)
  • Language Learning (Ex. I’m looking to teach …/ Please teach me …)
  • Selling/Gifting of Items (Ex. I’m selling…/I’m giving…/ I’m looking to buy… /Please give me…)
  • Recruiting Members for International Exchange Groups etc.

*Job ads should comply with immigration laws and ordinances. Also, please take necessary precautions to prevent contract related troubles. (Ex. Clearly state that you are only seeking “individuals that possess a proper working visa.”)

*Display period

*Post limit

Display period is 2weeks

Post limit is 500 words