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Miyazaki International Foundation

Miyazaki International Foundation (Overview of Services)

The International Foundation is actively involved in the following areas:

Planning and Implementing International Exchange Projects

Planning and implementing various events and projects that foster international exchange at the grassroots level.

Providing Information

Providing information on international exchange through the Foundation’s publications, seminars, and other activities. The International Foundation also provides essential information on living in Japan for foreign residents.

Promoting Exchange between Local Citizens and Foreign Residents

Organizing international chat sessions and other events that provide opportunities for local citizens to interact with foreign residents. Other activities of the International Foundation include maintaining a registry of volunteer interpreters and facilitating homestays and home visits.

Support for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that Promote Exchange & Cooperation

In order to encourage more active participation from Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that promote international exchange and cooperation, the Foundation organizes training workshops and exchange meetings for such groups to exchange information and build friendships. International exchange at the grassroots level is also promoted through our assistance and support given to the international exchange activities organized by public groups.

Miyazaki International Foundation (Organization overview)

Founded1st February 1990
ChairmanTANIGUCHI Yumie
OfficeB1F Carino Miyazaki, 8-1 Tachibanadori 4 chome, Miyazaki City
In the Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza