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Stop!Domestic violence

~For Victims of Domestic Violence~

Consultation Consultation is free-of-charge and strictly confidential.

●Domestic Violence Consultation Support Center

(Prefectural Consultation Center for Women)

Phone (0985) 22-3858

【Over the phone consultation】 Monday ~ Friday 9:00~20:30
Saturday & Sunday 9:00~15:00

(Excluding Public and New Year Holidays)
【In Person consultation】 Monday ~ Friday9:00~18:00

(Excluding Public and New Year Holidays)

●Police safety consultation (Prefectural Police Head-quarters)

Phone (0985)26-9110

【Over the phone & In Person consultation】
Monday ~ Friday 8:30~17:45
(In case of emergency, support is available outside the above mentioned times.)

●Miyazaki International Foundation

Phone (0985)32-8457

【Consultation time】
Tuesday ~ Saturday 10:00~19:00
(Excluding Public and New Year Holidays)
*Please visit the Foundation first if you wish to have the consultation in your tongue.

Temporary protection When you wish to escape from the batterer

In emergency cases, seek protection from the nearest police station or the police box. Also, necessary the Domestic Violence Consultation and Support Centre (Prefectural Consultation Centre for Women) also provides temporary protection.

Protection order When you do not want the batterer to come near you

If you are a victim of violence, or if you fear that your life may be threatened, you may request for a Protection Order (prohibits the batterer from approaching you for six months or expulsion of the batterer from home for two months) through the court.


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Miyazaki Prefecture