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The page provides you with updates of events and activities to be held by the Miyazaki International Foundation.

2019/10/30 20:46:18 (31 reads)

We have opened The Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents
On October 26th, we opened the “Miyazaki Support Center for Foreign Residents” next to the Miyazaki International Plaza
We are able to respond to inquiries in multiple languages using an automatic translator and phone services.
Consultations will be available face-to-face, by telephone or e-mail, etc., and appropriate information will be provided.
Anyone can use it as a place for international exchange and information gathering, in addition to the above consulting services.
Please make sure to let everyone around you know!.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday, Time: 10:00am—19:00pm
◇TEL: 0985-41-5901
◇FAX: 0985-41-5902

2019/9/20 12:28:10 (95 reads)

Japanese language lessons (beginner class)

Japanese language class for beginners in University of Miyazaki is going to start on 29th October 2019!

Dates&Times: 16:00~17:30 Oct.(Tue) 2019 ~ 4th Feb.(Tue) 2020
Every Tuesday & Thursday 25 lessons in total

Location: Global Support Office in Center for International Relations

Please check the flier for the details.

Flier (PDF)

2019/8/16 13:59:45 (97 reads)

Japanese language lesson (beginner 2)ちらしはこちら (PDF)


2019/8/14 9:55:31 (65 reads)

The Miyazaki International Foundation will be hosting beginner level Japanese courses for foreign residents.

◊Dates & Times:
Sep. 3 (Tue) – Nov. 28 (Thu) 2019 , Every Tuesday & Thursday
10:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 25 Sessions in Total
◊Location: CARINO Miyazaki, B1 Floor
◊Target: Those who wish to start learning from Hiragana & Katakana
◊Class Fee: FREE
◊Course Materials Fee : 2,160 yen(not including tax)
◊To Apply: Fill out the necessary application form and return it by post or fax
◊Inquiries & Application: Contact the Miyazaki International Foundation
ちらしはこちら (PDF)


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