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The page provides you with updates of events and activities to be held by the Miyazaki International Foundation.

2017/9/20 17:25:44 (71 reads)

Are you having troubles with issues concerning visas, marriage, divorce, etc.? A lawyer or certified administrative procedures specialist will help you deal with these problems. Volunteer interpretation is available upon request. Consultation time is limited to 30 minutes per person.

◇Date & Time: 11/25 (Sat) 9:30 am - 11:30 am
◇Location: Miyanichi Kaikan 10th floor, conference room
◇Application Deadline: November 14th (Tue)
◇To Apply: Please make your appointment by phone.
*Let us know if you will need interpretation when making the appointment.
◇Inquiries & Application: Miyazaki International Foundation

flyer (PDF)

2017/8/24 12:27:23 (149 reads)

【Submission Requirements】
In principle, individuals submitting entries to the gallery should be foreigners living in Miyazaki or individuals with roots in a foreign country.

Photography, Paintings/Drawings, Calligraphy, Handmade crafts and others
*Photographs can be sent as soft copies. Photos are limited to those taken within Miyazaki Prefecture.
Submitted soft copy will be printed out in color on an A4 sized paper, and will not be returned.

【Theme】”Miyazaki ”

【Submission Limit】 Up to 2 entries per person in each division

【Size】 Up to 50cm by 50cm

【Submissions Method】 by post, in person, or by E-mail
When submitting an entry, please attach your application form to your art piece. Your application form should include your name (with furigana), home country, occupation, contact information, name of your entry, a list of materials used in making your entry, a 50 word or less description, and a specification of the division of your piece.

◇Submissions by Post: Please send to the Miyazaki International Foundation

◇Drop offs: Bring to – 1. Miyazaki International Foundation 2. Miyazaki University Global Support Office

◇Submissions by E-mail:

【Submission Deadline】 November 11th, 2017 (Sat)
*If you have an entry you would like to submit after the deadline, please contact us on beforehand.

【Display Period】
December 6th (Wed) to 9th (Sat), 2017

【Location】CARINO Miyazaki 9th floor
*Following the exhibition in Miyazaki-city, the gallery will be moved to other areas of the prefecture.

*We will announcing winners and having an awards ceremony at CARINO Miyazaki 9th floor on December 9th (Sat).
*Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the top pieces chosen by visitors.

【Submissions & Inquiries】Miyazaki International Foundation


Application Guidelines(PDF)

Application Form(Excel)

2017/8/2 11:58:49 (264 reads)

Looking for English Chat Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for our “Saturday English Chat” that we will be holding in September, October and November. Interested parties should inquire by phone or E-mail.

◇Dates & Times: 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/11, 11/25
Every other Saturday, 5 sessions in total
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

◇Location: CARINO Miyazaki 9th Floor

◇Target: Individuals who are capable of actively participating in English conversation and attending all 5 sessions in principle.
*Open to native and non-native speakers.

◇Contents: You will have several partners in your group. Please consider the needs of each participant by providing chances for all members to speak up.

◇To Apply:Provide your name, address, and phone number by phone, fax, or E-mail. When applying by E-mail or Fax, write "English Chat Volunteer" in the subject line.

◇Inquiries & Application: Miyazaki International Foundation
Tel:0985-32-8457 Fax:0985-32-8512

2017/6/24 11:54:45 (147 reads)

The Miyazaki International Foundation will be hosting beginner level Japanese courses for foreign residents.

◊Dates & Times:
Sep. 7 (Thu) – Dec. 5 (Tue) 2017, Every Tuesday & Thursday
10:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 25 Sessions in Total
*No class on 11/23
◊Location: CARINO Miyazaki, 9th Floor
◊Target: Those who wish to start learning from Hiragana & Katakana
◊Class Fee: FREE
◊Course Materials Fee : 2,160 yen(not including tax)
◊To Apply: Fill out the necessary application form and return it by post or fax
◊Inquiries & Application: Contact the Miyazaki International Foundation

Flier (PDF)

Application Form(Word)

2015/9/29 11:52:56 (771 reads)

Individual Numbers so called “My Number” are issued under the Social Security and Tax Number System, which is the base for linking and putting together personal information dispersed across multiple agencies under the name of the person it belongs to. The System serves as social infrastructure to improve the efficiency and transparency of the social security and tax systems, bring greater convenience to the public, and create a fair and just society. Foreigners registered as residents in Japan (mid-term residents, special permanent residents, etc.) will also receive their Individual Numbers. You will sequentially be notified of your 12-digit Social Security and Tax Number (also called “My Number”), beginning in October 2015. As for foreign residents who will enter Japan in and after October, 2015 and go through resident registration for the first time, individual numbers will be issued after the moving-in procedure at a municipal office. 
Use of the Social Security and Tax Number for any purposed that is not stipulated by law and providing numbers to others are prohibited.
The Social Security and Tax Number will serve you for your lifetime. Please take proper steps to protect it.

・URL : (English)
・Call center 0570-20-0291 (English / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese)
From 1 October 2015 through 31 March 2016]
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 20:00 Weekends / holidays 9:30 - 17:30
(Not available during the New Year’s holiday)
*This is not a toll-free number.

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