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The page provides you with updates of events and activities to be held by the Miyazaki International Foundation.

2018/10/12 11:44:47 (33 reads)

Elementary Japanese Language Course for Foreign Residents is going to start on 7th November 2018!
Please join the class and learn the Japanese language to enjoy your daily life in Miyazaki.


2018/9/14 12:56:51 (80 reads)

Now Recruiting Stage Performers!

We’re currently looking for people to perform on stage at the 13th “Friends of the World” Miyazaki International Festival, organized by the Miyazaki International Foundation!

Date/Time: December 1st (Sat.) 12:00 – 16:30
Stage Performances: 13:00 – 15:00
Venue: Carino Bldg, 9th Floor, event/stage space

We’re particularly interested in performances on traditional instruments from other countries, and foreign folk songs! (African drumming, Latin-American music, Hawaiian music etc.)

Fancy getting a Japanese and International crowd all fired up with your performance? Drop us a line!

Deadline for applications: November 2nd (Fri.)

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us:
Miyazaki International Foundation, Miyazaki-shi, Tachibana-dori Higashi 4-8-1, Carino Building, 9th floor.
TEL: 0985-32-8457 E-mail:

2018/9/11 18:52:05 (188 reads)

Japanese Speech Contest for Foreign Residents

◇Topic: “Japan and I”

◇Date & Time: 12/1 (Sat)

◇Location: CARINO Miyazaki 9th foor

1. Foreign Residents living in Miyazaki that are 16 years of age and older.
2. Individuals whose native language is not Japanese.

◇Divisions & Available Spaces: Non-students & Students, 10 participants in total

◇Awards: The winners of each division will be presented with a prize and certificate.
An audience award will also be presented.

◇Deadline: October 31st (Wed)
*There will be an initial screening in case of multiple applicants.

◇To Apply:
Return your completed application form, along with the speech draft, to the Miyazaki International Foundation by post, Fax, or E-mail (
The speech can be written in Romaji, and should be three to five minutes long.
*Props are not allowed.

◇Inquiries & Application: Miyazaki International Foundation

Flyer・Application Guide (PDF)

Entry Form(Excel)

2018/9/7 11:00:01 (95 reads)

Looking for English chat volunteers!!

2018/8/22 15:45:10 (84 reads)

Calligraphy Workshop
The Miyazaki International Plaza has arranged a calligraphy table for those who are interested in calligraphy but do not own calligraphy tools.
Foreigners are welcome to visit and give it a try.
◇Date & Time: September 4th (Tue) to November 2nd (Fri)
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
*Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays
◇Location: CARINO Miyazaki 9th floor Miyazaki International Plaza


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