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Disaster Management Seminar for Foreign Residents *Registration Required, Free


Disaster Management Seminar for Foreign Residents *Registration Required, Free

Due to localized torrential rain in July 2019, evacuation advisories were issued in Nichinan and Miyakonojo. Japan is a country that frequently experiences natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. Hence, it is important to always be prepared and clear of what to do when disaster strikes. Feel free to bring your family!

◇Date&Time : October 26th(Sat)
1:00 p.m-1:30 p.m. (registration starts at 12:30 p.m. )

◇Location : Miyazaki City Fire Department, Miyazaki Higashimorokata Wide Area Disaster Management Centre

◇Target Participants : Foreigners and international students of Miyazaki prefecture, and their families (Participants may bring Japanese guests)

*English interpreter and other languages(scheduled) is available. Those who do not speak Japanese are welcome too!

◇Participation Fee : Free of charge

◇Lectures containing : presentation on natural disasters, earthquake simulation, smoke simulation, a brief presentation about disaster preparedness apps, etc.

◇To Apply : Fill out our application form and return it by Fax, post, or E-mail. When
applying by E-mail, write “bousai” in the subject line.

◇Application Deadline : October 19th (sat)

◇Inquiries & Applications : Miyazaki International Foundation
Carino Miyazaki B1, 4-8-1 Tachibanadori-Higashi,
Miyazaki City 880-0805
Tel: 0985-32-8457 Fax: 0985-32-8512