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Nihongo Café in Nichinan (January 16th) *Free


How do you let people know if you want to take some time off work, or if you’re running late for something?

Learn Japanese phrases to use when speaking on the phone!

※There are no food or drinks at this café.

※Friends, family and coworkers are also welcome. If you are suddenly unable to come, even on the day of the event, just let us know!

Dates & Time: January 16th (Sun)  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Venue: Sokyakusojin center

Spaces available:20

How to Apply: Please send us your name, phone number, nationality and Japanese language level by fax or email.  Deadline: January 12th (Wed)

Application:Miyazaki International Foundation

B1 Carino Miyazaki, Tachibanadori Higashi 4-8-1, Miyazaki City 880-0805

TEL:0985-32-8457  FAX:0985-32-8512  E-mail: