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Elementary Japanese Language Course 2 (Evening Class) *Registration Required


The Miyazaki International Foundation will be hosting beginner level “Elementary Japanese Course 2″

 Nov. 5(Thu), 2020 to Feb. 16(Tue),2021

*No classes on Dec 24(Thu), Dec 29(Tue), Dec 31(Thu), Jan 5(Tue), Feb 11(Thu).


Every Tuesday and Thursday (twice a week, 25 lessons)


・Those who have studied Hiragana & Katakana and can read them.

・Those who have studied  “Elementary Japanese Course 1”


Textbook fee \2,376 (tax included) 

『いっぽにほんごさんぽ 初級(しょきゅう)2』


MSG Building 10 (Japanese Language Department Room 501 )

1-3-3 Oimatsu, Miyazaki-city

To apply

Fill out the necessary application form and return it by ①drop offs   ②post   ③fax

*Application Deadline:  Oct. 24 (Sat)

【Inquiries & Application】Miyazaki International Foundation

Request to Participants

Please observe the following measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

〇 Please make sure to either wash your hands or sanitize them with the disinfectant provided at the entrance, both before and after class.

〇 Please make sure to wear a mask and practice the proper etiquette if coughing or sneezing.   

〇 If you feel unwell due to a fever or cough, please refrain from coming to class.

〇 Please practice social distancing as much as possible.