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Online Japanese Language Course using Zoom(Beginner Level1)


Try learning Japanese online!
This course is for people who want to start studying Japanese, and those who want to learn Hiragana and Katakana.

★Zoom is an application that allows online meetings, which you would have to download before starting the course.

★All you need is an internet connection with unlimited data at home and a PC, smartphone or tablet.

★We welcome first-time ZOOM users too!


<Morning Class>
November 4th (Wed) to February 17th (Wed)   10:00am~11:50am
Every Wednesday and Friday   Total 25 sessions
Orientation: Oct.30th (Fri)10:00am~11:00am

<Late Afternoon Class>
November 5th (Thu) to February 16th (Tue)   4:00pm~5:50pm
Every Tuesday and Thursday   Total 25 sessions
Orientation: Oct.29th (Thu) 4:00pm~5:00pm

①Residents of Miyazaki Prefecture that are able to use Zoom
②Able to participate in the 1-hour orientation session and all 25 lessons

Textbook: 『いっぽにほんごさんぽ 初級1』
※The course is free of charge, but participants will have to buy their own textbook.

Spaces Available: 8pax per class timing
(If the applications exceed the spaces available, participants will be selected at random.)
※Priority will be given to non-students and non-working people.

How to apply:Please apply via Google form by October 20th.

Morning Class

Late Afternoon Class>

※We will reply sometime between October 21st and October 22nd to let you know if you can take part.

Inquiries:Miyazaki International Foundation
B1 Floor Carino – Miyazaki, 4-8-1 Tachibanadori-Higashi 
Miyazaki City, 880-0805   Phone 0985-32-8457 Fax 0985-32-8512