12th Art Festival “Miyazaki From the Outside Looking In” Now Collecting Entries

Date 2017/8/24 12:27:23 | Topic: News&Topics

【Submission Requirements】
In principle, individuals submitting entries to the gallery should be foreigners living in Miyazaki or individuals with roots in a foreign country.

Photography, Paintings/Drawings, Calligraphy, Handmade crafts and others
*Photographs can be sent as soft copies. Photos are limited to those taken within Miyazaki Prefecture.
Submitted soft copy will be printed out in color on an A4 sized paper, and will not be returned.

【Theme】”Miyazaki ”

【Submission Limit】 Up to 2 entries per person in each division

【Size】 Up to 50cm by 50cm

【Submissions Method】 by post, in person, or by E-mail
When submitting an entry, please attach your application form to your art piece. Your application form should include your name (with furigana), home country, occupation, contact information, name of your entry, a list of materials used in making your entry, a 50 word or less description, and a specification of the division of your piece.

◇Submissions by Post: Please send to the Miyazaki International Foundation

◇Drop offs: Bring to – 1. Miyazaki International Foundation 2. Miyazaki University Global Support Office

◇Submissions by E-mail: miyainfo@mif.or.jp

【Submission Deadline】 November 11th, 2017 (Sat)
*If you have an entry you would like to submit after the deadline, please contact us on beforehand.

【Display Period】
December 6th (Wed) to 9th (Sat), 2017

【Location】CARINO Miyazaki 9th floor
*Following the exhibition in Miyazaki-city, the gallery will be moved to other areas of the prefecture.

*We will announcing winners and having an awards ceremony at CARINO Miyazaki 9th floor on December 9th (Sat).
*Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the top pieces chosen by visitors.

【Submissions & Inquiries】Miyazaki International Foundation


Application Guidelines(PDF)

Application Form(Excel)


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