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The page provides you with updates of events and activities to be held by the Miyazaki International Foundation.

2019/8/14 9:34:15 (366 reads)

Typhoon No.10(Krosa) is approaching Kyushu.
The International Plaza will be closed on August 14 th (Wed) and 15th(Thu).

Typhoon No.10 is approaching Kyushu.
Be aware of lightning and thunders, heavy rains, strong winds.
Please stay away from rivers and ocean.
Please stay indoors as much as possible.
For more information, please read attached file from P.12 to P.15.
Disaster Prevention Pamphlet for Foreign Residents(English)
Polyeto ng Pag-iwas sa Sakuna para sa mga Dayuhang Mamamayan(Tagalog)

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