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News&Topics : Nobeoka Japanese Language and Exchange Class *Registration Required, Free
2019/12/27 16:56:32 (27 reads)

We are going to hold a “Nihongo Kyōshitsu” (Japanese language and exchange class), where people from overseas living in the area can interact with local residents, and learn about each other’s language and culture while studying!

Date/Time: Saturday, January 25th, 13:30~15:30

Venue: Room 403, 延岡市中小企業振興センター (Nobeoka-shi Chūshō Kigyō Shinkō Sentā)

Spaces available: 30 (If there are more applicants than spaces, we will choose at random)

Target Audience: People from overseas living in Japan who would like to learn Japanese while interacting with local residents, and local residents who want to help people from overseas living in Japan with their Japanese language study and are interested in intercultural exchange. Anyone is welcome to join in!


Deadline: Friday, January 17th

How to apply: Please send us your name, phone number and nationality by fax or email. If applying by email, please be sure to include “Nihongo (Nobeoka)” in the subject line.

Enquiries/Application: Miyazaki International Foundation


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