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News&Topics : Saturday English Chat Beginner *Registration Required
2018/8/10 16:11:01 (212 reads)

Beginners are welcome! Letís chat in English!
*(English Chats are not English language lessons)
◇Dates & Times: 10/6、10/13、10/27、11/17、12/15、
1/19、2/2、2/16、3/2、3/16 Saturday, 10 sessions in total
14:30 pm - 15:30 pm
◇Location: CARINO Miyazaki 9th Floor
◇Target: Individuals who are capable of actively participating in English conversation
and attending all 10 sessions in principle.
◇Limit: 15 (In the case of multiple applicants participants will be chosen by lottery)
◇Fee: non-members 5000yen, members・students 3000yen,
◇To Apply:Provide your name, address, and phone number by phone, fax, or E-mail.
When applying by E-mail or Fax, write "English Chat" in the subject line.
◇Deadline: September 28th (Fri)
◇Inquiries & Application: Miyazaki International Foundation
TeL:0985-32-8457 Fax:0985-32-8512

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