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8F Carino Miyazaki Tachibanadori Higashi 4-8-1,Miyazaki City, Postal Code 880-0805
TEL : 0985-32-8457 FAX : 0985-32-8512 E-mail :
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Announcement from the International Plaza

Please note that Carino Miyazaki and the International Plaza will be closed on Wed, June 21st. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Japanese Language Practice Lessons for Foreigners FREE

Would you like to practice your Japanese conversational skills with Japanese volunteers? No prior registration needed, all are welcome!

Dates/Time : Every Tuesday and Friday, 10:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Venue : 8F Carino Miyazaki Gaga-8 Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza
To Enroll : Submit the application form, available at the Miyazaki International Plaza.
Questions : Miyazaki International Foundation.

Learn about Malaysia! FREE

Come learn about Malaysian culture, lifestyle and social issues with Coordinator of International Relations from Malaysia! Free tasting of Malaysian sweets too! Everyone is welcome. See you there! * Classes are in Japanese only.

Dates/Venue : *Same content for all sessions
Tano : Wed, June 21st Tano Cultural Center (next to Tano General Branch Office)
: Wed, July 5th Takaoka Region Agriculture Village Environment Improvement Center (next to Takaoka General Branch Office)
Wed, August 23rd Sadowara General Culture Center (next to Sadowara General Branch Office)
: Wed, August 30th Miyazaki Central Community Center (Onside of Miyazaki Station East, next to Miyazaki Science Center)
: 7:00pm~8:30pm (Same time for each session)
Participant Limit : 30 people (Prior registration required; first come, first served.)
To Register : Please submit your name,address, age, contact number stating the session you want to participate by postcard, email or fax.
Registration/Questions :Miyazaki City International Association in Miyazaki City Regional Community Division, Postal code 880-08505 (Full address not necessary)
Tel. 0985-21-1714 Fax. 0985-22-0200

World Beer and Trivia Night Friday, June 23 rd , 7:30pm ~

Come enjoy a night of great beers and have fun with its trivia! There will also be light snacks and great prizes up for grabs! See you there! *Only for healthy people of aged 20 and above

Venue : Akarenga kan (Nichinan City Aburatsu)
Participant Limit : 32 people (First come, first served. To close once tickets are sold out)
Ticket :\1500 *Available at Nichinan City Trade &Tourism Division. Telephone reservations are welcome too.
Registration /Questions :Elizabeth Southwell, Coordinator of International Relations,
Nichinan City Trade &Tourism Division Tel:0987-31-1134 Fax:0987-23-3100

elightful Cooking Class! Friday, June 23rd 10:00am ~ 1:00pm

Here’s a chance to try your hand at cooking with a Coordinator for International Relations and having fun through international exchange. Everyone is welcome! *Please bring an apron and a container for taking home leftovers.

Venue : Nobeoka City Social Education Center Cooking Room
Participant Limit : 25 people (Prior registration required; first come, first served.)
Participation Fee : \700 for ingredients.
Registration/Questions : Nobeoka City International Relations Office Tel. 0982-22-7006

Lunch and Simple English Conversation FREE.Friday, June 30th 11:30a.m.-1:00p.m. (No registration necessary)

Let’s get together to speak some English over lunch with a Coordinator for International Relations. Please bring a boxed lunch.

Location : Nobeoka City Social Education Center, Seminar Room 2
Questions : Nobeoka City International Relations Office Tel: 0982-22-7006

Guinness World Record Basketball Marathon: Volunteers/Participants needed!

We are going to break the Guinness World Record for the longest basketball marathon which was recently set at 58 hours . . . by playing for 60 hours . . . Straight! With many other interesting programs lined up during the 60 hours, we promise it’ll be more than just a basketball game! So come on down to witness this historical moment and have fun!

Event Date/Time: Friday, June 16th 8:00a.m to Sunday, June 18th 8:00p.m. ~ NON-STOP!
Venue : Miyazaki City Comprehensive Gymnasium (Sogo Taiikukan).
* We still welcome volunteers to help out with the event so if you or your friends are interested, please do hesitate to contact Cary Reid at ,
Patrick Bellew at , or Christian Tsuji at .

The 29th Minami Kyushu Toast Masters Club Meeting (Open to Public Participation) Saturday, June 17th 6:30-8:30p.m.

Persons of age 18 and above who are interested in English communication are most welcomed to join us in our meeting to exchange ideas and make friends who share the same interest. Please feel free to come participate!

Location : Miyazaki Citizens' Plaza, 4th Floor, Small Meeting Room
Questions : Tometsuka-san Tel: 080-3220-0301

June Events *All inquiries in Japanese only

Moku O Keawe International Festival In Miyazaki

Miyazaki Kanko Hotel, Aoshima Palm Beach Hotel & Seagaia Summit Hall

The International Hula Dance Competition is to hold it’s Japan qualifying rounds in Miyazaki! Tickets at \2000/Day or : \3500/2 Days, available at Lawson ticketing machine, Miyazaki Yamakataya, Miyako City, Carino etc.

Questions: International Hula Festival Japan Competition Organizing Committee in Miyazaki City Tourism Association. Tel:0985-20-8658

The 12th Miyazaki Film Festival

Sat.,Jun. 10 - Sun., Jun. 18
Miyazaki Kinema Kan(Jun10-16) & Albright Hall (Jun17-18) in Miyazaki City

Including Jean-Luc Godard’s latest work “Notre Musique” and films from Japan, China, Korea, Germany, France and USA etc. Special guest speakers appearances too. Advance tickets 1000yen/adult & 500 yen /child, at the door tickets 1300yen/adult & 600 yen /child, or free pass 2500yen, available at Miyazaki Kinema Kan, Miyazaki Yamakataya, Bon Belta, Lawson ticketing machine (L code:86809)etc

Questions: Miyazaki Film Festival Committee
Tel: 0985-60-3911

The 7th Bean Bag Tossing Kyushu Tournament

Sun., Jun. 25
Village Sports Hall, Morotsuka Village

Currently recruiting 100 participating teams. Registration deadline is Tues., Jun. 13. The winning team stands to walk away with the cash prize of 300,000yen!So get your team together and come join us in an afternoon of excitement and fun! Prior registration necessary.

Registration/Questions: Tamaire Office in Morotsuka Village Office
Tel: 0982-65-1111

Firefly Festival

Every Sat. & Sun., Early June
Kitagawa Town, Near Firefly Museum in Kitagawa Town Sogo Undo Park

Free entry to Firefly Museum
Questions: Kitagawa Town Tourist Association
Tel: 0982-46-5015

Terebikko Diary

Evonne Yiu

After being in Miyazaki for two and half years, I finally had friends from home come visit me last week! Although I had family and friends in Japan came visit previously, it's the first time my buddies from home were willing to make the tedious trip to Miyazaki. Despite the distance, there are more flights and thus much cheaper to fly to Tokyo from Singapore, as opposed to the one daily flight to Fukuoka on Singapore Airlines and four flights a week via Seoul transit on Asiana Airlines. So they came via Tokyo on domestic flight. We all know how inconvenient it is to get into and out of Miyazaki, so am really grateful that they were willing to take the hassle. I was a little worried if they would enjoy a considerably slower and “un-happening” Miyazaki, as they would be spending four days here and another four days in mind blasting Tokyo later. But to my relief and even astonishment, they loved every little thing here! The clay beads of Udo Shrine, Japanese carps in the drains of Obi Castle, fruity Hyugatsu tangerine, chewy Jidori , savory Chicken Nanban and even the weird tasting shrimp ice cream at Phoenix roadside station! We went to Ocean Dome, which in fact was my first visit too! The entrance fee was a steep 2000yen, but my guests and me were delightfully entitled to a discount of 500yen each! My first privilege ever received for being a Miyazaki resident! ha. And we had a great time there just riding the silly water slides and enjoying the artificial waves. Just only 4000yen for a free pass up to October, there's no doubt why quite a number of housewives substituted their local pools for the grand Ocean Dome to do their daily workout. I will too if I haven't have to work on weekdays or not mind the crowds on weekends. My friends had such a wonderful time here, they called me everyday from Tokyo to say how much they missed Miyazaki! It's funny how we've been here too long to appreciate things but takes visitors to come remind us of the good things so very close to us.

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Tel: 0985-32-8457 Fax: 0985-32-8512
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