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8F Carino Miyazaki Tachibanadori Higashi 4-8-1,Miyazaki City, Postal Code 880-0805
TEL : 0985-32-8457 FAX : 0985-32-8512 E-mail :
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Plaza News Vol.6

**Closure announcement**

As Carino Miyazaki is closed on the 6 September, the Plaza would be closed on that day as well. 

Miyazaki International Foundation(MIF)’s homepage has been renewed 

On top of the Japanese and English version of MIF’s homepage which were already in place, MIF’s now has also got it’s Chinese version up and running. Please do come and take a look at our renewed and stylish website.  
Miyazaki International Foundation URL:

Japanese Language Practice Lessons for Foreigners   FREE

Would you like to practice your Japanese conversational skills with Japanese volunteers? No prior registration needed, all are welcome!

Dates/Time: Every Tuesday and Friday, 10:30 -11:30 a.m.
Venue: 8F Carino Miyazaki Gaga-8 Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza
Enquries: Miyazaki International Foundation

Japanese Language Course for Foreigners

The Plaza is holding a Japanese language course for foreigners living in Miyazaki prefecture, and for those who are just starting to study Japanese. We welcome you to sign up!

Date: Tuesday, Oct 3 to Tuesday, Dec 12  Every Tuesday and Friday (twice per week, 20 lessons in total) ※No lessons on holidays
Time: 10:05 am to 12:30 pm
Participants: Those who are just beginning to learn Japanese
Venue: 8F Carino Miyazaki Gaga-8 Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza        
Participant Limit: 15 people                          
Participation Fee: ¥2,835 for textbooks
To Register: Please fill up and submit application form.
Closing date: 22 September 2006(Friday)
Registration/Enquries: Miyazaki International Foundation

Looking for Volunteers!

1. Looking for "International Chat Sessions (Kokusai Fureai Chat)" Volunteers
If you enjoy speaking to others in English/Chinese/Korean, the Plaza would like to enlist your help in the upcoming "International Contact Chat" sessions!

2. Looking for" International Understanding Talk" Speakers     
Would you like to introduce your country’s culture and customs to the residents of Miyazaki? Here’s your chance! The talks will be about 1 hour long.
For further enquries, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Announcement from the Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History 

You can now view permanent exhibits related to Miyazaki prefecture’s nature, history and inhabitants free of charge. Feel free to come down and take a look. Apart from permanent exhibits the Museum also holds other exhibitions, events and talks.

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (last entry at 4.30 pm)
Dates of closure: Tuesdays, and from the end of year to the beginning of the new year (28 Dec to 4 Jan) etc.
Enquiries: Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Nature and History, tel: 0985-24-2071, URL:  

NPO Miyazaki Exchange Project - A heartwarming chat session

“Forming a Network with Foreign Residents in Miyazaki - Working together for a better living environment” 
It has been a year since Typhoon no. 14 hit last year. Would you like to share your thoughts regarding problems in daily living, seen through the disaster, from a foreign resident’s viewpoint? ※The session is held in Japanese.

Date and Time: Tuesday, 12 September     7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Venue: Miyazaki NPO Centre (Miyazaki Citizens’ Plaza 3F)
Participants: People who are interested in international exchange, helping foreign residents, NPO and citizens' activities, and foreign residents of Miyazaki.
Participant Limit: 30 people (on a first-come-first-served basis)
Application method: Submit application form together with your telephone number, fax or email.
Application/Enquiries: Miyazaki NPO Centre  Tel: 0985-20-8777  Fax: 0985-20-8411  Email:

"Tegetege" Relaxed Camp in Iwaitani

An international exchange group in Miyazaki is holding a camp. Experience the joy of cultural exchange in the open nature!

Date & Time: Assembly - 17 September 2006 (Sun) 1:00 pm
                     Dismissal - 18 September 2006 (Mon) 11:00 am (dismissal on the spot)
Venue: Saito City Obae Old Iwaitani Elemantary School Site (Saito-shi Obae Kyu-Iwaitani Shogakko Atochi) (Obae River Camp Site)
Particpant Limit: 30 people
Participant Fee: Adults ¥3,000 (Junior High School and Below: ¥2,000)
   *Machinnaka International Cultural Exchange Association Member - Adults ¥2,500 (Junior High School & Below: ¥1,500)
   *Fee is waived for children below elementary school regardless of membership.    
Closing date: 7 September 2006 (Thursday)
Application/Enquries: Machinnaka International Cultural Exchange Association (Machinnaka Kokusai Koryu-kai) Tel: 0985-56-3824  Email:

September Events

① Ikoma Highlands Cosmos Flower Viewing Period  Mid-September to Late October. Venue:Kobayashi City/Ikoma Highlands (Kobayashi-shi/Ikoma Kogen)

② Hyuga full moon night Festival Sat., September.9 and Sun., 10 September.  Venue:Hyuga City/Hyuga City Centre Street (Hyuga-shi/Hyuga-shi Chushin-shigaichi)  9 September: from 10:00 am/ Parade: 6:00 pm, 10 September: from 1:00 pm

③ Fireworks festival in Aya Sat., 16 September.  8:00 pm onwards. It will be postponed if it is rain  Venue:Aya Town/Aya Minami Kawa Sanbonmatsu Bridge Lower Stream River Bed (Aya-cho/Aya Minami Kawa Sanbonmatsu-hashi Karyu Kasen-shiki)

④ Yamanokuchi Fumotobunyabushi Joruri Puppet Show  Sun., 17 September.  2:00 pm onwards  Venue:Yamanokuchi town Dolls’ Musuem (Yamanokuchi-cho Ningyo no Kan)
 *Periodical performance of the national cultural assets designated traditional Japanese puppet show             

⑤ Heguri full moon night  Dance Sat., 30 September.
          8:00 pm to 8:15 pm  Saito City/Minoheguri Citizens Hall (Saito-shi/Minoheguri Kominkan)
          9:00 pm to 9:15 pm  Saito City/ JA Miya-no-Shita Cargo Complex (Saito-shi/JA Miya-no- Shita Shukajo)
*It is an exotic dance from Nagasaki Prefecture

The Lion’s Walkway                                               Neo Su Yu

Hello everyone! This is the first time I am writing for the International Plaza’s “Plaza News”. Evonne has returned to Singapore, bringing with her all the beautiful memories of Miyazaki, and I have taken over her duties since August this year. In this issue do allow me to do a simple self-introduction. Like Evonne I am also from Singapore, and I have graduated from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Japanese Studies last December. This is considered my very first job, I still have many things to learn, and would sincerely appreciate your suggestions so that I can improve myself.

On the other hand, the Plaza's website has been refurbished, with the Chinese version of the website up and running. Have you taken a look at it? What do you think? If you have any suggestions, please also do not hesitate to voice them out, so that we can make it better to benefit more people.

On a final note, there are many interesting upcoming activities in September and we look forward to your active participation!


Questions, comments, postings, or for information in Plaza News: Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza,8F Carino Miyazaki,Tachibanadori Higashi 4-8-1, Miyazaki City 880-0805
Tel: 0985-32-8457  Fax: 0985-32-8512  Email:  Homepage:

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