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Driver's License(2007 August)

As a foreigner wishing to drive in Japan, you need to obtain an international driverís license Ė in accordance with the Geneva Convention Ė or a Japanese driverís license. Here is some information about how to convert from a foreign license to a Japanese driverís license. 

Changing from a Foreign Driverís License to a Japanese Driverís License

RequirementsYou need a valid foreign driverís license and to have

driven in that country for at least three months after the issuing of

your license.  


 ①  Inquire about what documents you have to prepare for the application at the Miyazaki Prefecture Driverís License Center.

 ② Turn in your necessary documents to the Driverís License Center.

      Monday to Thursday: 10:0012:00, 13:0016:00

                                  (excluding    holidays

   Phone0985-31-0110Miyazaki Prefecture Police        


        Extension755-312-321Driverís License Center)

 ③ After your documents are accepted, the next step involves an eye 

        examination, a paper test, and a driving-skills test. Make sure

        to  ask about when you can take these tests.


   ※If your license has been issued by one of  the countries listed   

           below, the driving-skills test is not required:


 France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg,

    United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Spain,

   Portugal,Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Australia,

   New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Austria


Necessary Documents

  ① Alien registration card 

  ② Certificate of registration matters (issued at your municipal 


  ③ Foreign driverís licenseincluding previous expired driverís        


  ④ Translation of foreign driverís license   The Japanese  

          translation must be issued by either the embassy/ consulate of   

          the  country concerned or by the Japan Automobile Foundation


                  website: http//

                  JAF Miyazaki Branch phone: 0985-52-4511   

  ⑤ Passport (old and new copies Ė if applicable)

  ⑥ A Japanese License (including expired licenses Ė if applicable)

  ⑦ Photographs (2 photos)No background, hats, etc., must be

          facing forward, taken within last 6 months.

  ⑧ Size: 3cm in length, 2.4 cm in width

  ⑨ Charges:  Ordinary license test fee:  ¥2,400 

                       Driverís license processing fee: ¥1,650


Obtaining a Driverís License for the first time in Japan

  Passing both the paper and driving-skills test is necessary to obtain 

 a driverís license in Japan. Entrance into a driving school is required  of   Japanese citizens before taking examinations. At the Miyazaki

 Prefectural Driverís License Examination Center, the driving-skills

 test is given in Japanese while the paper test can be taken in English.


The paper test covers material regarding traffic laws in Japan.

 JA issues a textbook entitled ďRules of the Road,Ē available  in five languages. Textbooks in English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish are available right here at the Miyazaki International Plaza for everyoneís use.


Inquiries about Driverís Licenses

  Miyazaki Prefecture Police Headquarters    Phone: 0985-31-0110

  Miyakonojyo Driverís License Center    Phone:0986-24-0110

  Nobeoka Driverís License Center     Phone:0982-22-0110


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions,   

 please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation at 

 (Tel) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (email)  Thank you as always.


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