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Enjoying the summer in Miyazaki(2007 June )

Japan has a wealth of outdoor events during the summer months, including summer festivals and fireworks exhibitions. Many people also spend time at campsites located in the mountains and on the coast. This month we will provide you with information about summer fun in Miyazaki.

 ○In July and August, fireworks exhibitions and other events are held in cities throughout Miyazaki Prefecture. The Miyazaki Summer Evening Fireworks at the Oyodo River in Miyazaki City is said to be one of the largest fireworks display in Kyushu,with magnificent sights created by the fireworks lighting up the sky and reflected on the surface of the river. At the Yamabiko Fireworks Exhibition in Nishimera Village, you can lie on banks of the Hitotsuse River and enjoy the powerful echo of brilliant fireworks in the valley. The Cape-Toi-Fire Festival in Kushima City is a spectacular event,in which torches are thrown at 30m pillars in celebration of a local legend. Each local area hosts its own Bon-odori dance festivals and summer shrine festivals. Please take the opportunity join these festivals,so you can make friends with the people in your area and discover traditional Japanese culture.

 ・Miyazaki Summer Evening Fireworks   

 Date: August 4th( Sat.)         Place: Oyodo    Riverside(Miyazaki City)            Inquiries: Miyazaki Chamber of Commerce 0985-22-2161  

 ・Yamabiko Fireworks Exhibition                                                                      

Date: August 4th(Sat.)          Place: Nishimera Village on the Hitotsuse River  Inquiries: Nishimera Village Tourism Association 0983-36-1111

 ・Cape Toi Fire Festival                                                                             

Date:August 24th(Fri.)and 25th (Sat.)   Place: Kushima City,Cape Toi        Inquiries: Kushima City Tourism Association 0987-72-0479

・Local areas throughout Miyazaki hold summer festivals and Bonodiri Dance Festivals. Please inquire at your local city office for more information.

 ○Please make use of a campsite, when you go to camping so as not to inconvenience others or place yourself in danger. Avoid camping in dangerous spots, such as sandbars in the rivers. There are over 50 campgrounds in Miyazaki Prefecture, some of which have amenities like cottages, rental tents, cooking equipment, and blankets. Some campgrounds offer special attractions, including canoeing at Kawabaru Nature Park(Kijyo Town) and tennis courts at Hachinosu Campground(Kitago Town). Please note that most campsites need to be booked in advance. All campsites have rules to be followed, such as no fireworks, no open fires, or no pets. Please confirm the rules for using the facilities. Our website provides campground information in the ‘Life Information’ section (English Version).

○Aoshima beach is one of many swimming areas in Miyazaki. There are also excellent spots for surfing and scuba diving along the coast of Miyazaki. However, swimming is prohibited in some areas due to dangerous currents. Please be sure to swim in the areas that are safe.

 Miyazaki Convention and Visitors Bureau website (Japanese-only) This site provides information about events, camp sites and marine sports. We also offer event information at Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza, so please feel to inquire with us. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation at (Tel) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (email) Thank you.

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