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The Rainy Season is on Its Way(2007 May )

Torrential rains can occur in Miyazaki from the start of the rainy season at the end of May through the typhoon season that lasts into autumn, so this month we'd like to give you some advice about preparing for torrential rain.

Obtain information on a regular basis  

 ・Listen carefully to television and radio weather reports about your area.

 ・Get information about evacuation sites and routes from your local government and the resident's association for disaster response.

・Prepare food, water, a flashlight, and a portable radio for emergencies.

Warnings: “O-o-a-me-ko-zu-i-chu-i-ho” and “O-o-a-me-ko-zu-i- ke-i-ho”  

When the forecast calls for heavy rain, warnings are issued on television and radio. When the danger passes, a cancellation of the warning is announced.

 大雨・洪水注意報“O-o-a-me-ko-zu-i-chu-i-ho”: Heavy rain and flood warning A risk of disaster due to heavy rain is forecasted.

 大雨・洪水警報“O-o-a-me-ko-zu-i-ke-i-ho”: Heavy rain and flood advisory A high risk of disaster due to heavy rain disaster is forecasted.

 ※Please learn to recognize these warnings in Japanese.

 When torrential rain falls

・Avoid spots that are vulnerable to flooding, cliff  failure, and land slides. Avoid outdoor activities during '0-o-a-me-ko-zu-i-ke-i-ho' heavy rain advisories.

・Do not approach streets and roads that are covered in water due to broken water pipes, flooded rivers, or other conditions caused by heavy rain. Stay away from downed power lines. When exposed to water, electric facilities such as power switchboards and power lines are an electric shock hazard.

・I f you live near a river, prepare to evacuate quickly to escape flooding.

Warnings for outdoor activities

・Do not camp on sandbars or small islands in rivers, even in fine weather.

・Do not camp near rivers where there is a risk of rising water due to rainfall.

・Beware of rain upstream and listen for dam warnings.

・Heed warnings from the fire department and local citizens who know the land conditions.

・Have the courage to cancel your plans and go to safety if the weather is bad.

Follow evacuation orders from local authorities

・Evacuation orders are given on television and radio, or over a community wireless system and siren.

・Confirm your designated evacuation site before disaster strikes.

・Befriend your neighbors and ask them to tell you when you must evacuate.

For more information Miyazaki Prefectural Government Website English,Chinese and Korean version) The “Disaster Prevention Pamphlet for Foreigners” in English, Chinese, and Korean is available at the Miyazaki International Plaza and local government offices. You can also view the pamphlet on our website. (English and Chinese version ) As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Miyazaki Prefecture International Foundation at (Tel) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (email) Thank you.

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