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Visiting the hospital(March,2010 )



In spring, the cold lets up, plants sprout, and flowers such as cherry blossoms burst into bloom, lifting the spirits of many. In Japan, March marks the end of the fiscal year and brings closure in a variety of ways. Thus spring is said to be the season of farewells and encounters. Surely some people will start a new life in Miyazaki this spring; however, some people will also feel worn out given their unfamiliar surroundings. To ensure you have no qualms about seeing a doctor when you are not feeling well, we will talk about visiting the hospital.


Hospital Features

There are two types of medical institutions in Japan: big hospitals which have inpatient and testing facilities and private hospitals or clinics which patients can visit on a regular basis. When you get sick or injured, you can generally visit a private hospital or clinic at first and then seek specialized medical treatment in a big hospital if needed. Though some hospitals and clinics require appointments, most hospitals and clinics see patients on a first-come, first-served basis. The appointment system is common among dentists. For more specific information about the use of medical intuitions, please refer to “A Guide Book for Living in Miyazaki” on our website: (

Finding a Hospital

  Common ways to find a hospital include looking in the phone book, searching on the internet and asking around. You can search for useful information regarding multilingual hospitals or on-call doctors at this website: (“Miyazaki Medical Nabi:” Please call to confirm consultation hours in advance, as each institution operates on a different schedules. Night Emergency Centers and on-call doctors are available to handle emergencies on holidays and during the night.

Necessities for Seeing a Doctor

Public medical insurance systems in Japan work to cover medical treatment for illnesses and injuries. Applying for medical insurance is beneficial in helping to cover medical costs. Regardless of your provider, you will be provided an insurance card. Be sure to take along your medical insurance card and money when seeing a doctor. Also, if you are taking medication, take it along with you. You can also print out the Medical Hand Book on the Miyazaki International Foundation’s website.


After seeing a doctor, you can take your prescription to a pharmacy and purchase medication. If you have medical insurance, medication for medical treatment will be covered. When you receive your medicine, please listen to the instructions from the pharmacist.

How to Call an Ambulance

If you suddenly become very ill or are in an accident and cannot get to the hospital by yourself, please dial 119. Ambulance rides are free. In less urgent situations when you can make it to the hospital on your own, do not call an ambulance in place of a taxi or other public transportation.


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