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Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots (February,2010 )



The Doll Festival is held annually on March 3. This day represents a celebration for girls, where people pray for girls’ growth and happiness. People display a set of Hina Dolls, beautifully clad in ancient court costumes from the Heian Era, on a five- to seven-tiered platform. Because this festival takes place when peaches are in season, it is also widely known as Momo no Sekku (The Peach Festival). Also during this season in late March and early April, many people go out to admire the cherry blossoms in full bloom. This month, we will introduce some cherry blossom viewing spots.


Darumizu Park (Miyazaki City)

   This famous cherry blossom viewing spot is located on Darumizu Plateau at an elevation of 120 meters. There are some 3500 cherry trees including someiyoshino trees. The Park’s Cherry blossom Festival is held from late March to early April. Illuminated trees can be seen at night until 10:00 pm. (Darumizu Park Association: 0985-41-1111)

Mochio Park (Miyakonojo City)

   Mochio Park, one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots, has a long history and is considered one of the greatest cherry blossom viewing spots in southern Kyushu, with 2-kilometer-long rows of cherry blossom trees. You can enjoy a walk through a tunnel of these beautiful cherry blossom trees. The Cherry Blossom Festival during late March and early April is lively and full of people. (Miyakonojo Tourist Association: 0986-23-2460)

Chikkoen (Nichinan City)

  A thousand 50-year-old someiyoshino trees burst into bloom. You can enjoy a stroll in the Japanese garden while listening to the birds sing. A Cherry Blossom Festival is held during late March and early April which many people will visit. (Nichinan City Tourist Information Center: 0987-31-0606)

Saitobaru Burial Mounds (Saito City)

   2,000 cherry trees contrast nicely with 300,000 field mustard blossoms across the vast stretch of mounds – it is a must see. The Saito Cherry Blossom Festival is held from March 27 - April 4, during which time the trees are lit up at night until 10:00 pm. (Saito City Tourist Association: 0983-41-1557)

Tomiyama Shinrin Park (Kadogawa Town)

   About 1,000 cherry blossoms, magnolias, and azaleas bloom among the beautiful scenery of the Nippo Coast, mesmerizing the many park visitors. An observation deck provides an impressive 360-degree view. (Kadogawa Town Industry Promotion Division: 0982-63-1140)

Weeping Cherry Blossoms of Josen Temple (Gokase Town)

   Josen Temple is a cozy, quiet temple which was constructed in the early Edo period. There you will find a 300-year-old weeping cherry tree, which has been designated as a natural prefectural treasure. There are other weeping cherries on the temple premises, and they produce rose-pink flowers. (Gokase Town Tourist Association: 0982-82-1717)


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