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Autumn Hot Spots in Miyazaki(October, 2009 )



   Within Japan’s four distinct seasons, autumn sees the leaves change from the mountains into the towns. The contrasting scenery of leaves from green to autumn shades brings peace to the heart. Japanese have long valued harmony with nature, including flower-viewing in spring and leaf-viewing in autumn. Here we offer some leaf-viewing hot spots in Miyazaki.                                                              


Gokase Valley: Beginning in Late Oct./Peak from Late Oct. – Early Nov.

   On the upper reaches of the Gokase River at a high elevation with a cool climate, this Valley sees leaves turn substantially bright colors. The lovely reflection of autumn colors can be seen in the misty spray of the valley’s 60m-high waterfall. “Myoken-san Festival” is held at Myoken Shrine on October 31, and the “Shirataki-Momiji Festival” and “Konpirasan Festival” is held on November 3. (Gokase Town Tourist Association: 0982-82-1200)

Takachiho Gorge: Beginning in Early Nov./Peak from Mid Nov. – Late Nov. 

Takachiho’s high altitude allows leaves to stay colorful longer; the gorge is also enveloped in a sea of clouds in autumn. The harmonious blend of these fading clouds with the fall colors is a must see. Rowboats are available for rental here as well. The “Yokagura Festival” will be held at Takachiho Shrine on November 22 & 23. (Takachiho Town Planning & Tourism Division: 0982-73-1212)

Mt. Sobo: Beginning in Mid Oct./Peak from Mid Oct. Late Oct.

Straddling Oita and Miyazaki Prefecture, Mt. Sobo is a beautifully pyramid-shaped peak. Leaves simultaneously change colors come autumn, and the view is spectacular. This area is also home to animals such as the Japanese serow, a Special Natural Treasure of Japan. (Takachiho Town Planning & Tourism Division: 0982-73-1212)

Mt.Okue: Beginning in Mid Oct./Peak from Late Oct. – Mid Nov.

   In northern Miyazaki, on the border between Kitagawa Town and Kitakata Town in Nobeoka City, you will find Mt. Okue. Kyushu-esque virgin forests and oddly-shaped rocks, along with green hillsides, allow one to enjoy the splendor of nature throughout the seasons – the autumn leaves amaze as if painted upon the scenery. (Hourigawa Onsen Bijin no Yu: 0982-23-3080)

Ebino Plateau: Beginning in Mid Oct./Peak from Late Oct. – Mid Nov.

   Surrounded by the grand nature of the Kirishima Mountains, the plateau occupies both Miyazaki and Kagoshima. Autumn brings colorful leaves and silver grass, and one can enjoy trekking around ponds and leisurely mountain climbing all year long. (Ebino City Tourist Association: 0984-35-3838)

Mitate Valley: Beginning in Late Oct./Peak from Early Nov. – Mid Nov.

This gorgeous 24-kilometer-long valley stretches to the upper reaches of the Hinokage River. Known for unique rocks and clear waters, here you find many strange and massive rock formations caused by erosion, and you can enjoy the landscape of red leaves along the streams. The “Stone-Wall Village,” one of Japan’s Top 100 Rice Terraces, and the “British House” one of Japan’s Designated Cultural Properties, are also found here. (Hinokage Town Tourist Association: 0982-87-3910)

NOTE: Seasonal beginning and peak times are rough estimations.



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