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Earthquakes(September, 2009 )



Japan sees frequent earthquakes – Miyazaki is no exception. Earthquakes that cause damage in Miyazaki occur in the eastern Hyuganada ocean area of the prefecture. Here, oceanic plates and continental plates collide, occasionally causing tsunamis along with the tremors. This month we offer some pointers regarding earthquakes.


< Routine Preparation>

Keep a stockpile of drinking water and food – three days worth.

Fix furniture in place to keep it from falling over and designate a safe area.

Prepare an evacuation kit.

Write down emergency telephone numbers and the contact of someone who speaks your language.

Confirm routes to a local evacuation site and nearby hospital (your local municipal government office has information about evacuation sites).


<When an Earthquake Occurs >

If you are…Indoors

Hide under a table until the shaking stops. If you have no place to hide, protect your head with a cushion.

Switch off gas stoves and heating appliances once the shaking stops.

Open indoor and front entrance doors to allow for easy escape.

Do not use an elevator when evacuating, even after the shaking stops. Always evacuate on foot.


Evacuate to an open area to avoid danger from collapsing buildings, block walls, falling glass, etc.

Stay away from cliffs, riverbanks, vending machines, telephone poles, downed power lines, etc.

Near the Ocean

Tsunamis demand immediate evacuation to higher ground, such as a nearby hill or top of a sturdy building.

In the Car

Slow down, pull over to the left side of the road, and turn off the engine.

Stay in the car until the shaking stops and stay tuned to the radio for updates.

In an Elevator

 Push all floor buttons, get off as soon as possible, and evacuate using the stairs. If you become stuck in the elevator, use the emergency phone and buzzer to call for outside help. Do not try to force the doors open before help arrives.


<After an Earthquake>

  Beware of aftershocks and tsunamis after an earthquake. Do everything possible to obtain the latest, accurate information from the radio, television, internet, etc.

Earthquake information from the Japan Meteorological Agency:



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