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   Typhoons hit Japan from July through October; the torrential rains and winds can cause great disasters such as mudslides and floods. Flying objects and tidal waves can also cause injuries. Miyazaki has seen damage from typhoons during this season. While we cannot avoid natural disasters, we can always be prepared. This month, we will talk about preparing for typhoons.


<Routine Preparation>

Confirm how your family and neighbors can contact one another in emergency situations.

Prepare an evacuation kit (torches, mobile radio, valuables, medicine, food, everyday items like clothes & towels) for emergency’s sake and check it regularly.

Confirm contact information for the embassy, consulate, schools, etc.


<When a Typhoon is Approaching>

Check weather information frequently via TV or radio.

Bring inside potted plants and anything else that might fly away due to strong winds. Securely fasten other items so they will not be blown away.

Try not to go outside and avoid high places like rooftops.

Avoid dangerous places such as swollen rivers and the ocean.

Close windows, doors and shutters. Protect windows without shutters from flying debris by taping them up with masking tape. Pull curtains closed to prevent broken glass from flying around.

Have a torch and mobile radio in case of power failures, and make sure your cell phone is charged.

Prepare for water shortages by storing drinking water and water for daily use.


<Useful Disaster-Related Information>

Get up-to-date information from the internet.

Meteorological Agency Website (English):

Emergency Voice Mail Service: This service, provided by NTT, allows you to record and/or listen to voice messages, and thus, confirm the safety of your family during emergencies (Number: 171). Instructions on how to use the voice mail service (English):

Evacuation Sites: Schools and community centers are usually designated as evacuation sites. Make sure you know in advance the location of an evacuation site in your area and how to get there.  Inquiries: The local government office in your area (fire or disaster prevention director).

Useful Website for Emergencies (Japanese and other languages):

For more information, the “Disaster Prevention Pamphlet for Foreigners” is available at the Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza and on our website.


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