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Managing your money(May, 2009 )

Managing Your Money(金銭管理)



Carp streamers adorn poles and fly high throughout Japan in May. This custom is part of the May 5th celebration of Childrenís Day and Tango no Sekku Ė Boysí Festival. Families with a son(s) flying carp streamers is one of several customs involved with this holiday. Carp have long symbolized successful careers and have great vitality given that they can live not only in clean waters, but ponds and marshes as well. Thus, people raise carp streamers high into the sky hoping for the future success and strong growth of boys. Wishing for your future success as well, this month we will talk about managing money in Japan.


<Opening a Bank Account>

Firstly, note that most banks and post offices require you to take a number from a machine; this number lets you know when you will be called for service. Both banks and post offices provide banking service. There are several types of accounts to choose from, including a general account (futsu yokin or futsu chokin) and a fixed account. A general account is convenient (you can make deposits and withdrawals, make credit card payments, set up automatic payment of utility bills, have your paycheck automatically deposited, etc.), but the interest rate is low. Make sure to request a cash card, which will be mailed to your home. Some form of identification such as a passport, alien registration card, or driverís license, along with your inkan (personal seal used in place of signature), are needed to open an account.


<Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)>

ATMs are usually open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; however, depending on machine, location, and day of the week, operating hours and after-hour fees may vary, so be sure to check at each location. Nowadays, ATMs with longer operating times are increasingly found in convenience stores (small fee applies). While it may be possible to use your cash card at other banksí ATMs, you incur a small fee.


Sending Money Overseas>・・・Fees and procedures vary by institution, branch

                                                  and recipient country, so be sure to check into all

                                                  details first.

At Banks : Must show some form of identification.

Telegraphic Transfer (denshin sokin): Common way in Miyazaki to wire money to another


At Post Offices: Must show some form of identification.

Remittance to Receiverís Address: A postal check is made out and mailed to the recipient.

                                                  They can then cash the check at their local post office, etc.

Remittance to Receiverís Account: Cash is deposited into the recipientís bank account.

Remittance from Own Account to Receiverís Account:Transfer is made from own account

                                                                           and deposited into the recipientís account.


<Paying Utility Bills>

Payments can be withdrawn automatically from an account or paid in cash at banks, post offices and convenience stores.


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