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Vivacious Floral Venues in Miyazaki(February, 2009 )



 Once spring has come, you will most likely see people enjoying “Cherry Blossom Viewing”- or Hanami - in various locales. “Cherry Blossom Viewing” involves appreciating the bloom of the cherry blossoms and Japanese plums, and it is a quite popular spring leisure activity in Japan.

 Sakura (Cheery Blossom), the Japanese national flower, bloom in shades of white, rose-pink and dark-red, and they engage many people’s hearts and minds every year. Cherry Blossoms bloom from mid-March through mid-April. Nighttime illuminations and spring festivals coincide with this floral season, so we recommend contacting your local tourism department/association for more information.

  Tarumizu Park Miyazaki City                                              Tel:0985-41-1111

  Hisamine Sougou Park Sadowara Town, Miyazaki City          Tel:0985-73-2782

  Mochio Park Miyakonojo City                 Tel:0986-23-2460

  Shiroyama Park Nobeoka City                 Tel:0982-34-7833

  Chikukouen (Nichinan City)                        Tel:0987-31-0606

  Saitobaru Park Saito City                        Tel:0983-41-1557

  Hanatate Park Kitagou Town                   Tel:0987-55-2111 

  Hokedake Park Kunitomi Town               Tel:0985-78-1943

  Maizuru Park Takanabe Town                  Tel:0983-26-2015  etc.


 The annual Flower Festival, “Flower Festa 2009,” will be held at ten locations within Miyazaki Prefecture. The main venue of “Kodomo no Kuni” in Aoshima, Miyazaki City, will sport eighty varieties of some eight-hundred-thousand flowers. Stop by the festival and enjoy the spring season!

Date: March 14th (Sat) to May 10th (Sun); Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Admission Fee Adults 800yen; Children 4 years-old to Junior High School Students 400yen


 Furthermore, Miyazaki offers botanical gardens and other floral hot spots where you can enjoy the varying flowers of the seasons.

  Florante Miyazaki (Miyazaki City) Adults 300yen; Children 150yen Primary and Junior High School Students) 9 am to 5 pm *“Spring Floral Festival” is held from March 14th (Sat) to May 31st (Sat).

  Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden (Miyazaki City) Admission free; 8:30 am to 5 pm

  Nobeoka Botanical Park (Nobeoka City) Admission free; 8:30 am to 5 pm 

  Miyazaki Prefecture Agricultural Station, Subtropical Crop Branch (Nango Town) Admission free; 10 am to 5 pm

  Japanese Irises ・・・Shimin no Mori Miyazaki City   Late May to Early June

  Field Mustard  ・・・Ikoma Plateau Kobayashi City    Late March to Mid April 

  Iceland Poppy  ・・・Ikoma Plateau Kobayashi City    Mid April to Late May

  Azaleas           ・・・Shiibae Park Mimata Town        Mid April to Late April


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