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Consultation Services(March, 2009 )




 The legal support center Houterasu deals with legal problems involving divorce, debt, inheritance, traffic accidents, labor issues and criminal victimization under both civil and criminal codes. They provide legal services and information regarding the legal system, as well as introduce helpful organizations for resolving legal disputes. Well-informed, experienced consultants will assist you in solving your problems.

 Information is provided free of charge. Foreigners with resident status in need of legal assistance, yet with limited financial resources, can receive civil legal aid for free consultations. Houterasu’s homepage also has a search engine and offers 24-hour e-mail assistance. Furthermore, their call center provides consultations in English.

●Japan Legal Support Center Houterasu Call Center - Tel: 0570-078374 Landline or cell phone) 

 Using a PHS/IP phone - Tel: 03-6745-5600; Weekdays 9am9pm; Saturdays 9am5pm  


 English Pamphlet URL:

In-Person Consultations Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 130pm430pm 

 *Must make reservation by phone in advance.

 Miyazaki City, Asahi 1-2-2 Miyazaki Bureau of Enterprise 3rd floor


Consultations in Japanese

 Those suffering domestic violence from the hands of spouses or partners should contact the facilities listed below. In emergency cases, seek protection at the nearest police station or police box, as they will provide temporary protection if needed.

●Domestic Violence Consultation Support Center Excluding Public and New Year’s Holidays) 

 [Over-the-Phone Consultations Tel: 0985-22-3858

                                  Weekdays 9am830pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am3pm

 [In-Person Consultations]     Weekdays 9am6pm

●Prefectural Police Headquarters Police Safety Consultations - Tel: 0985-26-9110

 [Over-the-Phone or In-Person Consultations] Monday to Friday 8:30am545pm In case of emergency, support is available outside the above mentioned times


 Those suffering from problems with stress, depression, drugs or alcohol can receive private, in-person consultations with a psychiatrist.

●Miyazaki Prefecture Mental Health and Welfare Center

 Tel:0985-27-5663, Miyazaki City, Kirishima 1-1-2 

 [Available Days for Consultation] Mondays (Afternoon) and Thursdays (All day) 

 *Consultation days differ depending on subject of consultation. Also, advanced reservation is required for consultations.


 The following phone consultation service is available to discuss any problems troubling you.

●“Kokoro no Denwa” Tel:0985-32-5566 

  Monday to Friday Excluding public holidays and New Year’s Holiday) 9am7pm


 The website below provides information for help desks, mental hospitals, etc. in Miyazaki.

●Miyazaki Prefecture Mental Health and Welfare Liaison Council/Miyazaki Prefecture Mental Health and Welfare Center Search Engine for Consultation Services: ”Miyazaki Kokoro AoT Net”:  

 URL: or T       Search



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