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Enjoying Summer in Miyazaki(June,2008 )

Typhoons approach or hit Miyazaki every year between August and October. Typhoons are usually accompanied by heavy rains, strong winds, and may cause flooding. However, since typhoons typically take a few days to approach or hit Miyazaki, you can prepare in advance to minimize damages. Please ensure that you are well-prepared for disasters and emergencies on a daily basis.


Before Typhoons Approach/Hit

(1)Find out the latest weather information from television or radio.

(2)Bring potted plants, rubbish bins and anything else that might be blown away indoors. Be sure to securely fasten other items so that they will not be blown away.

(3)Clear gutters and drains so that water can pass through easily.

(4)Prepare for water shortages by storing water for drinking and daily use. Also prepare an evacuation kit for emergencys sake.

(5)Have a torch and mobile radio ready in case of power failure, and make sure your cell phone is fully charged.

(6)Draw the shutters to protect your windows from flying objects. If your windows do not come with shutters, secure them with masking tape and close the curtains.

(7)Make sure you know how to get to designated evacuation sites via correct evacuation routes as well as how to receive evacuation orders.

*Going outdoors during a typhoon is dangerous. Get indoors before the wind and rain get strong. Furthermore, stay away from rivers and oceans where water levels are bound to rise.


Useful Information for Disaster Prevention

Emergency Voice Mail ServiceThis voice mail service, provided by NTT, allows you to record and/or listen to voice messages and thus confirm the safety of your family during emergencies (Number171) 

Instructions on how to use the voice mail service (English)

Evacuation Sites (避難場所 Hinan-basho): Schools and community centers are usually designated as evacuation sites. Make sure you know in advance how to get to an evacuation site in your area and which evacuation route to use.

InquiriesGovernment hall in your area (fire or disaster prevention director)

Useful Website for EmergenciesIn Japanese & other languages


For more information, the Disaster Prevention Pamphlet for Foreigners is available at the Miyazaki Prefecture International Plaza and on our website.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation: (Phone) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (Email) Thank you.

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