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Enjoying Summer in Miyazaki(June,2008 )

Miyazaki offers many excellent venues for outdoor enjoyment such as surfing, canoeing, and camping. While outdoor activities are both fun and popular, they can also be risky; thus, it would be best for the novice outdoorsman to visit specialty shops first and get informed. Such shops - and hotels as well - offer schooling or lessons for beginners, allowing for a relaxed experience. Comfortably and safely enjoy yourself by being courteous and following the rules.

Recommended Activities
●Miyazaki Palm Beach Hotel (Miyazaki City)
 Tel: 0985-65-2947
●Phoenix Seagaia Resort Activity Center (Miyazaki City)
 Tel:0985-21-1324 URL:
 The aforementioned hotels offer surfing, scuba diving, cruising, yoga, cycling, etc.
●”Miyazaki Rinkai Koen” Sun Beach Hitotsuba (Miyazaki City) Pirates Adventure Beach
 Swim at South Beach and enjoy sailing, canoeing, and other marine sports at North Beach. Pirates Adventure Beach offers various water activities to enjoy this summer. Basketball courts and areas for skating and barbequing are also available and free to all. Note that some activities involving motorized devices are prohibited, and some activities require reservations in advance. Contact the administrative office at: Tel 0985-62-2665(South Beach)/Tel 0985-21-1324(Pirates Adventure Beach)/Tel 080-1719-6931(Other Inquiries) 
●Canoeing (Kijyo Town) 
 Canoeing is open to all older than 1st graders in elementary school. Instructors give lessons three times a day.  *Must apply in advance
 Cost: \500 per hour (includes equipment fee for helmet, life jacket, etc.)
 Kawabaru Shizen Koen General Information Office: Tel: 0983-32-4122

Recommended Links 
●Miyazaki Tourist Information (Japanese & foreign language versions)
●List of beaches and campsites (English version) 
 Fees and policies differ from place to place, so check in advance.
●Map of surf points in Miyazaki (Japanese version)
 Useful information concerning surf points, surf shops, and other advice
 If you are struggling to find information regarding events or amusement in Miyazaki, contact us or visit the Miyazaki International Plaza (Carino 8th floor). The staff can assist you in English, Chinese, and Korean.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation: (Phone) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (Email)  Thank you.

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