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Infuenza Prevention (December,2007)

The time from November to March marks influenza season in Japan. Here we’d like to offer some advice on staying healthy and avoiding the flu.

○Flu Symptoms: An array of full-body symptoms such as a fever of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above, headache, and joint and muscle aches, coupled with common cold irritations like sore throat and runny nose.    

○Flu Prevention:
・Make your nutrition and relaxation a priority.
・Provide yourself with a comfortable and consistent temperature and humidity around you. *Dry air can lead to a decrease in the throat’s  immunity in regard to contracting illness. We recommend using a humidifier to keep an indoor humidity level around 50%-60%.
・Avoid crowds and wear a mask when heading outdoors.
・ Wash your hands and gargle after coming home
・Receive and influenza vaccination before flu season begins.※You can make a reservation at any hospital.

○ If You’ve contracted the Flu
・ Visit a hospital and have yourself examined as soon as possible.
・ Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep and just relax.
・Replenish yourself with fluids often: tea, juice, soup, etc.
・When you begin showing symptoms of the flu, be sure to wear a mask so as not to spread your illness to others. Contracting the flu can easily become a severe matter for small children, older adults, and those already ill with a chronic disease; such people should take extra care not to contract the flu. For safety’s sake, finding a nearby doctor stands a smart preventive step.

If you find yourself in need of medical assistance during the middle of the night or on holidays, check the “Himuka Emergency Net” (link from our website: or weekend newspapers for information regarding available clinics.

As always, if you have any questions, opinions, or requests, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation. TEL 0985-32-8457 FAX 0985-32-8512 Email:

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