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Acquiring a Re-entry Permit(November,2007)

Many people travel abroad during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday. If you are a foreign resident planning to leave Japan temporarily and return within the valid period of your visa, we strongly advise that you obtain a re-entry permit. By doing so, you won’t have to apply for a new visa. Here’s some information about acquiring a re-entry permit.

○The Re-Entry Permit System

This system is in place for foreign residents who temporarily leave Japan to go back to their home country, or visit another foreign country, be it for business, travel or vacation. If you do not obtain a re-entry permit before leaving Japan, your residence visa will expire upon your departure. You will have to apply for a new visa in order to re-enter Japan.

○Where to Apply for a Re-Entry Permit

 Permits are issued at the Regional Immigration Bureau. If you can’t make it to apply in person, certain people recognized by law can apply for you. For details, check with the Regional Immigration Bureau in advance.

○Application Fee (paid via revenue stamps ‘ Inshi’)

Single entry・・・¥3,000  Multiple entry・・・¥6,000

 ※ In principle, a re-entry permit is valid for up to three years. However, if your visa expires within this three year period, your re-entry permit will expire as well. 

 ○Necessary Documents ・Re-entry permit application (Found at your local Regional Immigration Bureau) 

・Passport  ・Alien registration card   ※Required documents can differ depending on the type of visa. Inquire about these details at the Immigration Bureau.


 ・Fukuoka Regional Immigration Bureau, Miyazaki branch  Miyazaki Airport East Annex 2F  Phone: 0985-51-2226 ( Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays and Dec 29th to Jan 3rd)

・Foreign Residents General Information Center (Fukuoka Immigration Office) Phone: 092-626-5100  E-mail: Assistance available in English, Chinese, and Korean.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact the Miyazaki International Foundation at (Phone) 0985-32-8457, (Fax) 0985-32-8512, or (Email) Thank you.

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