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International Understanding Education

We support international understanding education in the local community and all education institutes in Miyazaki.

What’s “World Box”?

“World Boxes” are created to help in the international understanding education of Elementary/Junior High schools and international understanding workshops in the local community.

We have currently World Boxes from the following 20 over countries.

Korea Socialist Republic of Vietnam Canada New Zealand
korea Vietnam Canada New Zealand
Australia England Kingdom of Sweden Republic of Hungary
Australia England Sweden Hungar
Republic of Poland Republic of Botswana Czech Republic Slovak Republic
Poland Botswana Czecho Slovak Republic
Republic of Singapore      
Republic of Singapore      

Africa World Box:

Republic of Uganda Federal Republic of Nigeria Republic of Kenya United Republic of Tanzania
Uganda Nigeria Kenya Tanzania
Arab Republic of Egypt Kingdom of Morocco Republic of Zimbabwe  
Egypt Morocco Zimbabwe  

Latin America World Box:

United Mexican States Republic of Guatemala
United Mexican Guatemala

South America World Box:

Federative Republic of Brazil Republic of Paraguay

The World Boxes contain maps, toys, musical instruments, CD, clothes, books and textbooks etc that introducing the respective countries. (Items differ from countries)

We also welcome consultation with regards to the introducing of lecturers or workshop planning for international understanding lessons or workshops in schools and local communities.

Model Content of International Understanding Education

Enquiries about “International Understanding Education Support” and “World Box”…

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