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Model Content for International Understanding Education

International understanding education is conducted in the following 5 ways.
The suggested ways may also be combined to me your needs.
Please feel free to discuss with the International Plaza.


Ways Content Time Application Deadline
1 Exchange/Speech by foreigner Country introduction or exchange activities with foreign residents or CIR. Advance arrangement necessary One month prior to the event date
2 Exchange/Speech by returning experts, Japan Overseas Cooperation Youth volunteers or Volunteers for Overseas Japanese Communities Talk on work experience in developing countries etc Anytime One month prior to the event date
3 Exchange/Speech by International Exchange/Cooperation Organization. Introduction of the organizationís work Anytime One month prior to the event date

International Plaza Visit
Talk with staff at International Center or JICA International Cooperation Staff

Books, brochures and video etc resource materials about International exchange activities or workshop on international cooperation work of JICA organized by the Center

International Plaza
Opening hours Tue-Sat

5 Panel exhibition of International Cooperation Activities Work of volunteers in developing nations Anytime Anytime


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