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Here, we will respond to your opinions, questions and requests regarding international exchange and cooperation. You can also use this area to exchange information with each other. The administration of this area is undertakenby the foundation. Under certain circumstances,we therefore reserve the right to deem messages inappropriate for posting. We apologize in advance. Impressions on participating in international exchange events, international cooperation activities,etc. Opinions,questions and requests regarding international exchange and cooperation.
Information on carrying out international exchange events,etc. Opinions, questions and requests to the foundation and the International Plaza.

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Recruitment 2018/2/22 11:52:31
I really need a native English speaker to work with me from May in this year.

Job description: To teach English to elementary and nursery kids
Time: 9:00 – 12:00 (Morning time) ※6 or 5 times in a month
Salary: 3,500 yen
Place: Aya town ※I can pick you up by car.

When you are interested in this info, please contact me.

Taiyo sports club
Hiromi Yoshino
Tel: 0985-83-0130
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☆Imonikai party in Suki☆彡 2017/11/2 19:08:44
☆Imonikai party in Suki☆彡

We have the Imonikai event in Suki(Kobayashi city) .
On 26th Nov. 2017.

“Imonikai” is a traditional nabe(pot) dish in the north-eastern parts of Japan.
They mainly have it in Autumn at river beach.

Suki(in Kobayashi city) is very beautiful place surrounded by rich nature.
In ambience with nature, we’re going to use local foods and cook Imoni .
We cook one nabe(pot) dish together by 10 people having friendship with local people.
We also have stage events. Japanese drum, Shamisen and Japanese children’s songs.
Let’s enjoy Japanese Aki(Autumn) together in beautiful landscape!

☆You need to book for cooking.
☆Entrance fee for cooking is : \1000/junior high school students and under:\500
☆In the case you can’t enter cooking, you can buy 1 cup of nabe soup by \300.
☆You can buy alcohol if you are with driver(handle keeper)
☆You can’t drive after drinking alcohol.
☆When we have rain, we can have Imoni at the place under the roof.
☆You can see the guide plate on route 265. It’s 1 km from the event place.

【Welcome to the stage event! Let’s appeal your “Suki”! 】
You can join the stage event.
On the stage, please present thing you like, person you like… everything you like with some episode.
‘Like’ is ‘suki’ in Japanese language.
We have some gift for participants. We are also looking for advance applicants.

090-4727-2316 (Aoyama)

Imoni-land executive committee
Huma Tanaka
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Part-time Full-time Position (1-Year Contract) English Instructor 2017/3/8 12:42:05
Part-time Full-time Position (1-Year Contract)
English Instructor

Term: One year (April 1st, 2017 – March 31, 2018) renewable. (Possibility to become full-time)

Hours: Monday – Friday (0815 to 1700) and alternate Saturdays (half-day)

Duties: Planning, preparing, and conducting English lessons in a junior and senior high school setting. Four skills development with an emphasis on facilitating communicative and critical thinking ability.

Periodic testing, grading, and reporting of assigned classes.

May include supervision of club activity.

Preparation and training of speech contest and English proficiency exam candidates.

Occasional individual consultation in aid of teachers and students.

Periodic public relations activities in order to promote recruitment.

Other ad hoc responsibilities as needed.

Required: Must provide proof (transcripts/diplomas) of successful graduation from an accredited educational institution with a Bachelor of Arts degree minimum or better. Must have valid work visa.

Some computer knowledge / IT experience an asset.

Three (3) years or more related English as a foreign language teaching experience.

Rewards: potentially long-term, stable employment in a modern school environment; challenging your skills as an effective facilitator; a sense of accomplishment at seeing your charges attain their future goals; having a lifelong impact on students and they on you.

Salary commensurate with experience.

Send résumé to: (Tsubasa Kasahara)

Miyazaki Nihon University Junior and Senior High School
Shimanouchi 6822-2, Miyazaki City, Japan 880-0121
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Free sets of board games 2016/12/24 18:10:22
I have 3 beautiful wooden created, standard size(4 feet by 2 feet) sets of American Corn Hole game boards (also called “Bean Bag Toss”) to donate. These are new, hand-made. You only need to buy or make the bean bags. Great for company picnicks!

Scot Hamilton
Tel: 646-275-0533(U.S)
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Tano Amadaiko Experience Class 2016/10/6 15:04:54
We hold Amadaiko Experience Class to provide the chance to experience Japanese Drum at Miyazaki Minzoku Geinou Matsuri(Miyazaki Performing Arts Festival) on November 12th in 2016.
Everyone can participate in this event. Let’s enjoy playing Tano Amadaiko Drum which is a Treasure of Miyazaki City
* Tano Amadaiko
Tano Amadaiko is Japanese drum in Tano.
Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association provide the Tano Amadaiko Class from 20:00 to 22:00 at Tano Densho Geinoukan.

1 Sponsor: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki City Board of Education
Cooperation: Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association

2 Date&Time etc.
Date: November 12th Saturday 2016
Time: 12:00-12:40
Registration: From 11:45
From 13:00, Local Performing Arts will start on stage. We are happy if you could see the stage events.

3 Place: Foyer at Albright Hall in Miyazaki Shimin Plaza

4 Participants: Every one over grad 3rd of Primary School
Guardians are needed for primary school students.

5 Participants Fee: Free of charge

6 Capacity: 10 people(First Arrival)

7 Term of recruitment: October 3rd to October 28th 2016

8 Lecturer: Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association

9 Applications:
Necessary Matters: Title of the application(Amadaiko Experience Class ), Name, Age, Address, Mobile Number
Guardians’ name is needed when applicants are primary school students.
Receiver’s address
Post: Miyazaki Minzoku Geinou Matsuri Kakari
Culture Assets Division, Miyazaki City Board of Education
4200-3, Ooaza-atoe, Miyazaki City 〒880-2101
Fax: 0985-47-8202

10 Contact Office:
Culture Assets Division, Miyazaki City Board of Education
Phone: 0985-47-8012 Fax: 0985-47-8202
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