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☆Imonikai party in Suki☆彡 2017/11/2 19:08
mif  [Edit]
☆Imonikai party in Suki☆彡

We have the Imonikai event in Suki(Kobayashi city) .
On 26th Nov. 2017.

“Imonikai” is a traditional nabe(pot) dish in the north-eastern parts of Japan.
They mainly have it in Autumn at river beach.

Suki(in Kobayashi city) is very beautiful place surrounded by rich nature.
In ambience with nature, we’re going to use local foods and cook Imoni .
We cook one nabe(pot) dish together by 10 people having friendship with local people.
We also have stage events. Japanese drum, Shamisen and Japanese children’s songs.
Let’s enjoy Japanese Aki(Autumn) together in beautiful landscape!

☆You need to book for cooking.
☆Entrance fee for cooking is : \1000/junior high school students and under:\500
☆In the case you can’t enter cooking, you can buy 1 cup of nabe soup by \300.
☆You can buy alcohol if you are with driver(handle keeper)
☆You can’t drive after drinking alcohol.
☆When we have rain, we can have Imoni at the place under the roof.
☆You can see the guide plate on route 265. It’s 1 km from the event place.

【Welcome to the stage event! Let’s appeal your “Suki”! 】
You can join the stage event.
On the stage, please present thing you like, person you like… everything you like with some episode.
‘Like’ is ‘suki’ in Japanese language.
We have some gift for participants. We are also looking for advance applicants.

090-4727-2316 (Aoyama)

Imoni-land executive committee
Huma Tanaka

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