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Tano Amadaiko Experience Class 2016/10/6 15:04
mif  [Edit]
We hold Amadaiko Experience Class to provide the chance to experience Japanese Drum at Miyazaki Minzoku Geinou Matsuri(Miyazaki Performing Arts Festival) on November 12th in 2016.
Everyone can participate in this event. Letís enjoy playing Tano Amadaiko Drum which is a Treasure of Miyazaki City
* Tano Amadaiko
Tano Amadaiko is Japanese drum in Tano.
Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association provide the Tano Amadaiko Class from 20:00 to 22:00 at Tano Densho Geinoukan.

1 Sponsor: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki City Board of Education
Cooperation: Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association

2 Date&Time etc.
Date: November 12th Saturday 2016
Time: 12:00-12:40
Registration: From 11:45
From 13:00, Local Performing Arts will start on stage. We are happy if you could see the stage events.

3 Place: Foyer at Albright Hall in Miyazaki Shimin Plaza

4 Participants: Every one over grad 3rd of Primary School
Guardians are needed for primary school students.

5 Participants Fee: Free of charge

6 Capacity: 10 people(First Arrival)

7 Term of recruitment: October 3rd to October 28th 2016

8 Lecturer: Tano Amadaiko Preservation Association

9 Applications:
Necessary Matters: Title of the application(Amadaiko Experience Class ), Name, Age, Address, Mobile Number
Guardiansí name is needed when applicants are primary school students.
Receiverís address
Post: Miyazaki Minzoku Geinou Matsuri Kakari
Culture Assets Division, Miyazaki City Board of Education
4200-3, Ooaza-atoe, Miyazaki City 〒880-2101
Fax: 0985-47-8202

10 Contact Office:
Culture Assets Division, Miyazaki City Board of Education
Phone: 0985-47-8012 Fax: 0985-47-8202

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